N54/Early N55 HPFP upgrade R&D begins....

N54/Early N55 HPFP upgrade R&D begins....

Decided to take a crack at coming up with possible fixes of the failures for the N54/Early N55 HPFP's and possible upgrades and we all know they are needed for these cars.

This will be a project I work on in the side, but through the tear down process is shows a lot and answers a few questions I had about what could be failing and etc.

Don't come in this thread posting talking about what others may or may not have tried or what's available OR not. As I truly don't care. I will request to have it removed.

I'll post updates as I move along.

June 7th, 2017 - Some early photos.....


Update: June 9th, 2017

We have the HPFP torn down some more exposing the fuel chambers, pressurization pistons and etc.

Now with this torn down, measurements and inspections begin to see just how much of an improvement we can make in the factory casting without add-ons externally.  Stay tuned.


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