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Twisted Tuning K+Dcan Blaze Cable

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Our Blaze cable is a faster, up to 2x's faster, more reliable and a safer way of flashing your BMW.  This is an upgraded/enhanced version of the typical K+Dcan cables you are used to seeing.  Firmware is modified and other things are modified to give you the best K+Dcan cable experience to date.

Cable is switched for those users/owners who want or need double K-Line cross-compatibility for newer models as well as older models such as

Flashes  modules other K+Dcans can't such as:

-M3/M5/M6 DME (MSS6X)

-E6x M5/M6 SMG (GDSMG3)

-E9x GM Auto (GM1912)

-Built in switch (Down Position) is for double K-Line support (E46, E38, E39 etc)

***Read/Write Speeds vary from module to module, but our cable does the task at up to 2x's faster than the other cables on the market***

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