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BMW N54/N55/S55 - Full Direct Port Methanol Injection System

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Twisted Tuning's N54, N55, S55 Direct port Meth Injection system is the best performing option on the market for your N54/N55/S55.  Direct port injection is the PROVEN best method of secondary fluid injection regardless of what some vendors say and try to push saying chargepipe and throttle body injection is better. 

Direct Port injection is the best way for secondary injection of any fuel.  Whether you are using the injection for cooling or for supplemental fueling to the Factory DI system.  Direct port injection alleviates the worry for fluid distribution issues well known to the N54/N55.

Our injection kit is powered by our "EVOLVE MC-1" injection controller. Which takes methanol injection to the next level.  Hence why we named it the "EVOLVE".  Our Evolve is the most advanced programmable water methanol controller on the market. It's capable of simultaneously operating two individually-controllable injection pumps and two anti-siphon solenoids, two Fast Acting W/M injection valves, two auxiliary high impedance injectors or any combination of the above. The Evolve MC-1 pump outputs are capable of supplying up to 10A to the connected pump.  All this control via 3D PWM based operation off RPM and Boost pressure.

Kit Includes:

-Twisted Tuning Evolve MC-1 controller (includes hardware, wiring  and 4-bar Map sensor)
-Twisted Tuning Direct Port Plate (made from CNC 6061 T6 Aluminum)
-Lengthened mounting Studs and associated hardware (7ea)
-Gaskets (6ea)
-Aquatec DDP6800 Injection Pump (200psi bypass)
-6 Hypersonic Meth Nozzles w/holders and checkvalves
-Fluid Distribution Block (main meth feed line connects to this to disperse fluid flow to 6 ports)
-20 feet of 1/4" nylon hose
-Anti-Siphon Flow Control Solenoid For PWM
-Nine 1/4" push-lock fittings


****NOTE - We do not supply a tank with our system as everyone will have different needs in terms of what they want for tank size and shape and etc.  Many tanks can be purchased from US Plastics****

**Nozzle mounting is located on the bottom side of the plate when mounted**
**Plate is 25mm in thickness with thick runner bridges which prevents any warping from heat cycling and to promote a constant sealing surface to reduce chances of leaks**

***For other than 1/8th NPT port tapping please inquire ahead of time by emailing us at: so that we can discuss and try to accommodate your needs***