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2015 - 2018 Stage 1- 1.5 – 2 reflash for MK7 GTI and A3 (MQB)

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The reflash does not require ecu removal, and can be performed by a dealer, or by an end user if they buy the optional powertap flash tool.
Power and torque gains are as follows;

Stage 1 91 octane : 45 hp and 50 FT lbs torque,
Stage 1.5 91 octane: 70 hp and 70 Ft lbs torque,
Stage 1.5 93 octane: 87 hp and 90 Ft lbs torque.
Stage 2 91 octane: 96 hp and 101 Ft lbs torque,

Stage 2 93 octane: 99 hp and 118 Ft lbs torque,

Stage 2 requires a downpipe with high flow catalytic converter.

Once you have purchased the reflash, you can switch between available file versions including stock software for no additional charge from Eurodyne.
If you have the optional powertap flash tool, you can do this yourself if you have a laptop and an internet connection.
Dealers may charge for their time if you chose to be flashed by a dealer.

See product gallery for actual dyno results from our GTI and A3 test vehicles.

All prices are USD