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MHD N55 OTS Testing w/ xHP Stage 3 Trans Flash

MHD N55 OTS Testing w/ xHP Stage 3 Trans Flash

Recently xHP released their renditions of performance oriented transmission flashes for the BMW 6AT automatic transmissions found in a number of Late model BMW's from N54 to N55 and more.


Blurb From xHP's site:

xHP Flashtool put’s the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Connect your Android smartphone to your car and customize around 100 maps by yourself or choose from pre-defined OTS maps in the xHP in-App Store. xHP will transform your transmission and give you a totally new driving experience.
Tuning your transmission is not only about getting quicker or holding more power. An automatic transmission is deeply involved into vehicle dynamics and contributes very much to the overall driving experience.
From crawling in traffic, over city driving to taking your vehicle to the drag strip or a race track, the Transmission Controller widely defines how your car feels. Like everyone drives different with a manual, the maps inside the Controller hide the secrets to tune your automatic transmission to your personal likings and finally experience what BMW promised you once in the glossy brochure

Stage 3 Trans Flash Features:

  • Optimized D & S Shift points for better acceleration in part and full throttle situations

    Approx. 25% faster up-shifts in D/S modes

    Approx. 50% faster up-shifts in M mode

    Rev Matched downshifting (Throttle – Blip)

    True manual mode (no forced up-shift at limiter)

    Instant paddle response time

    Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear

    Optimized Warmup Behavior

    Torque Limits set to 1000 Nm (737 ftlb)

    Kick-down delete in D/S/M

    Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes


    So, due to the increasing number number of N55 users of this trans flash we decided to reach out to xHP and work together in testing the new flashes with the current MHD N55 OTS maps to give the best possible experience.

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