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Well my journey with Justin started over a year ago when I first bought my 335 shortly after that I upgraded to the MMP turbos and had to have a custom tune after looking at my options I decided to go with him because of his multi-platform experience and it ended up being a great decision. I have watched over the course of this year tuners pop up and tuning people with three or four revisions and saying their tune is complete. (Mass tuner) most of these people obviously don't know the real deal. Justin after many many revisions got mine dialed in perfectly through three tunes now soon-to-be #4. If I'm willing to endorse someone as I do Justin you can bet your butt they are top notch. A+++++ in my book!!!

Eugene McAlister on Aug 24, 2017

I am currently running this Port Meth Injection Plate. And logs look amazing.

I purchased the full kit from Twisted Tuning and the install process was flawless. NOTE: make sure you don't cross thread the studs for the manifold, easy to do if your not experienced.

NO Leaks... NO Issues.

I am satisfied with my purchase.rs.

Ivan Hernandez on Jul 21, 2017

Great tune. Got me exactly where I wanted to be. There was no time constraints or rush on his end, I was unable to make any logs during the winter and he was always ready to pick right back up whenever the temps allowed for some traction. He even helped me diagnose some ignition hardware problems along the way. His boost control with the JB4 was unbelievable. Literally flat lined along the target with no overshoot. Highly recommend!

Sam Lucania on Aug 24, 2017

I upgraded my turbos on my 335i and I was searching through all the tuners to find someone with a good reputation. I came up with nothing, many N54 tuners had good and bad stories. I don't want to be part of the bad story haha.

I then found Twisted Tuning. Messages Justin on facebook, sent payment and within an hour I had a base tune. Loaded right up and the car ripped. He said there was much more room to go. So here we go 4-5 revisions later my car is running perfectly. Now that was 8 months ago. Car still running great, also with the ever changing JB4 still the backend flash tune is SOLID. Car is making 30psi on Pure Turbos all day every day.

Going to be Dyno Tuning with Twisted in the future as well. I wouldn't look anywhere else. Going right to him.

Plus Justin was a cool dude, I always liked that about customer service. Very down to earth good guy.

Twisted Tuning FTW!!

Nick Dascalopoulos on Aug 24, 2017

I have used Justin on several BMWs and his work and service has always been fantastic. He knows his stuff and will also explain it to you when you are unsure, he is not shy of revisions either and will keep on doing them until they are perfect! A true custom tuning service and would highly recommend to anyone!

If you are looking for a custom tune, Justin is the one for you! Keep up the good work buddy :)

Marshall Lee on Aug 24, 2017

Quick responses. Great ots maps and even better custom tunes. More importantly the knowledge Twisted Tuning has as well as the patience to answer all of our needs individually is phenomenal.

Kigali Davis on Sept 8, 2017

Justin has been excellent at responding when I had issues with the speed limiter in the OTS MHD maps. Now I've ordered a custom tune and I don't regret a penny. If you need to tune your N54/N55, Justin is the man.

Gregory Goff on June 2, 2017

If I could give Justin @ Twisted Tuning more than 5 stars I would. He tuned my 335i yesterday and the car pulls like a freight train. His knowledge of cars and the tuning process is incredible, and I will be recommending him to anyone and everyone I can who is looking to make reliable, safe power. A+++

Damon Pappas on Feb 17, 2017

This man is hands down amazing ... His overall knowledge of a wide variety of cars bikes ect is just remarkable to say the least ! My particular car is an 2010 335 xi and I'm sure you have seen the slip he has put up about a month back of the power it's making ,if not go look .... He works with you and has a better response time then most other tuners .... He has guided me step by step in the process of even modding my car... The next step is new turbos , where I'll let Justin once again do his magic

Romaine Hubbard on June 15, 2016