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Guides and DIY's

Here at Twisted Tuning we always like to try and make our customer experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.  So Periodically we upload Instructional files and etc. for many different things.  Below you will find links to them all,  we hope you find them useful.


MHD Flasher BMW N54/N55

1. MHD Flasher N55 User Guide v2.1

2. MHD Flasher N54 User Guide v6.1


MazdaEdit (Mazda Flash Tuning)

1.  Custom Tuning Basic Setup Process


Twisted Tuning X-Drive Transfer Case Mount Inserts

1.  Mount Inserts Installation Manual

Twisted Tuning Evolve MC-1 Tuning Software and and Current Firmware

1. Torqtune Software

2. Evolve MC-1 Firmware Update

Twisted Tuning Flowguard FG-1 Installation

1. Install Instructions N54

Twisted Tuning Stealth Ethanol Sensor Kit Installation

1. Install Instructions Flex Fuel Kit

Twisted Tuning Supra MKV/BMW Z4 Upgraded Trans Mounts Installation

1. Install Instructions Supra/Z4 Trans Mounts

Twisted Tuning Supra MKV/BMW Z4 Upgraded CANBUS LPFP Kit Install

1. V1.1 Installation Manual CANBUS LPFP

Twisted Tuning Supra MKV CANBUS Line Lock Kit Install

1. V1.2 Installation Manual CANBUS Line lock