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Twisted Tuning A90/A90/Z4 Differential Lockdown Brace Kit

Original price $90.00 - Original price $460.00
Original price
$90.00 - $460.00
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The OEM offset 3 mount point setup leaves a lot to be desired for in terms of how much the differential moves when launching or unrolling heavy acceleration.  This movement puts unneeded stress on the pinion and other differential internals and case.   Our brace kit is designed to relieve that as well as be a much easier install than replace the three mounts for solid or poly mounts. As removal of the OEM mounts can be a pain.  This kit is fully reversible and easy to install.

We proud to announce the initial release of our Two Part Differential Brace kit. This kit will lock the rear differential to the subframe to allow for hard launches, less wheel hop, and an overall tighter feeling rear chassis. 

Piece One of our two piece kit takes care of the movement introduced at the front input by locking the Diff mounts to the subframe.

Piece two takes care of the rear of the Differential by locking the rear of the diff case to the subframe.

 Features/Benefits Include

-Reduced Wheel Hop

-Reduced Differential Bearing Load

-Reduced Differential Twisting and Torquing under heavy acceleration and launching

-Stainless Steel Hardware

-Made from Stainless Steel (Rear Case Mount 7075-T6)

-Made in the USA