BMW DME Unlock F/G-Series (including Toyota Supra MKV)


The DME installed in your N20, N55, S55, and S63TU, B58 are all locked from the factory to prevent Software modification via the OBD2 port.  Now thats no fun when it comes to wanting to make power.  

It's your car, you spent your money on it, why should you be locked out of any part of your own vehicle. To enable OBD flashing capabilities on your F series DME it requires being programmed on the bench and patched one time to enable this OBD2 functionality.

Here at Twisted Tuning we are able to accommodate your needs in house. This one time patch does not alter the factory programming in a performance sense.  Just allows access to do such.

Price is PER DME.  All DME's will need to be mailed in with  VIN and vehicle information.  Once your purchase for this service is made. 

Shipping to and from our Facility is covered by the customer.  Include a pre-paid return shipping label with your DME for shipment back to you.  We use USPS, Fedex, and UPS only as shipping couriers for insurance and best tracking purposes. So return shipping label should be from one of those 3 couriers.

*****Please refrain from shipping/emailing until you receive a confirmation email from us*****

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