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Flowguard FG-1 - Meth injection Safety/Flow Sensor

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High Flow Turbine sensor that outputs a 0-5v signal to be used with capable Meth controllers (IE- our Evolve MC1, Torqbyte CM5, Aquamist HFS4) and Aftermarket ECUs so you can know your meth flow rating in real time as well as use flow as a safety, on top of or instead of typical pump amperage monitoring.

Easter Egg: Our Flow Guard (FG-1) integrates with the Factory DME of your N54 (N55 and S55 coming soon) to dynamically and instantaneously allow your DME to adjust boost(load), ignition timing, and fueling as a direct response to meth flow. This allows you to achieve a number of things.

But here are a couple:

1. In the event of a meth flow issue (reduction or complete) with the DME tune setup correctly the DME will instantly lower boost, adjust fuel and timing down to nill, or within a user set safe non meth or reduced methanol content level.

2. allow you to run one map for no meth and with meth rather than having two separate maps. Simply turn off your meth controller when you don't want to use meth and DME will run on the tune non meth settings. Turn meth back on and the DME will instantly adjust settings to meth flow levels.

3. Flow capacity from 0 to 2500cc of methanol flow. so its suitable for chargepipe style or higher flowing direct port setups like we offer.

What do you need to make this all work?

1. TT Flowguard FG-1 kit
2. MHD Flasher
3. MHD Flex Fuel Module License
4. Custom Map to Setup the failsafe

****NOTE- not compatible with cars that have Motiv flex fuel sensor installed.  TT Flowguard and Motiv FF sensor cannot be run in unison.  Only one or the other. Max 70/30 meth to water ratio****