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Ignite Racing Fuel - Ethanol

Original price $550.00 - Original price $2,300.00
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$550.00 - $2,300.00
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Ignite is the ORIGINAL high performance ethanol. Before E85 was widely available at the pump, Ignite was paving the way for ethanol in the performance world.

NOTE:  Sold By the pallet. Minimum Twelve 5-gal pails or One 55-gal drum.

Ignite Red 114 (E90): The Ignite Red 114 is an E90 blend designed for applications of 500+hp. This fuel is perfect for both forced induction and high compression applications. With superior burn speed and energy value, Ignite 114 will reduce engine temperatures while delivering more power and torque outperforming similarly rated gasoline based fuels.

Ignite Orange E85: The Ignite E85 blend is perfect for those with mid-range horsepower levels, crate motor applications, and carbureted applications. Unlike gas station blends that can legally range from 51%-85% ethanol, Ignite E85 is blended 85% ethanol with 15% denaturant every single time. If you are looking for the ultimate consistency, look no further.

Ignite Yellow E98: For straight ethanol applications, Ignite E98 is your weapon of choice. Formulated to the highest standards for raw ethanol, our E98 is designed to provide the highest quality and documented consistency. Ignite E98 delivers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.