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Twisted Tuning Brisk-Box 7-gallon Ice Tank Kit (B58 - A90/A91 Supra and Z4)

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The B58 is while an amazing engine found in many great platforms, its not perfect.  The B58 suffers heavily from heatsoak and high IATs due to the intercooler of its A2W cooling system is located inside the intake manifold which is housed in the hot engine bay. 

To combat this we introduce our Twisted Tuning Brisk-Box kit, which allows you to not only fill the intercooling system with 7 more gallons of fluid.  But, also allows you to introduce ice to the system to dramatically lower air temperatures to the lowest point possible.  Let's not worry about heatsoak anymore, Brisk-Box is here!

-7 gallon Brisk-box Ice tank
-Hoses and fittings (-AN for clean installs)
-custom pass-thru for hose routing
-high flowing additional water pump
-plug and play fittings
-other misc. hardware for installation