Twisted Tuning BMW X-Drive Transfer Case Mount Inserts

Twisted Tuning BMW X-Drive Transfer Case Mount Inserts

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The time has come to start removing all the slop from the XI drive-train and start reducing the catastrophic failures when making big power!!!

Our X-Drive Mount insert were designed to combat a specific issue with the BMW X-drive drive-train and that's reduce transfer case and transmission movement at the center of the car. On the XI the actual mount is super soft. And offset to the passenger side of the drive-train. So under torque the trans and t-case twist. This will reduce the twisting that happens in turn keeping the front driveshaft/t-case output from being at weird angles under torque.

People with a XI can probably attest to drive-train clunking when quickly letting of the throttle in full or part throttle situations where the movement hasn't settled yet with the weight/torque transfer.

What comes in the Kit??

- One set of Mount inserts made from Aluminum 6061-T6

- Installation Hardware

 Vehicle Fitment: