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Twisted Tuning MKV Supra/Z4 Semi-Solid Upgraded Transmission Mounts

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What is a transmission mount?
The transmission mounts in a BMW are a common part that is frequently overlooked.  They are required to do many things in the vehicle, yet are not quite suitable for those who actually drive their BMWs.

The transmission mount is designed to do the following:

  • Help stabilize the transmission under vehicle load
  • Isolate vibration from the drivetrain to the chassis

Under engine load, the transmission can wiggle left and right.  This wiggle gets worse when the car is being driven in turns and as power (torque) output is increased.  This unwanted movement may potentially cause extra sheering forces and not ideal angles on the driveshaft.

Solutions to a Potential Problem
With this unwanted movement, what are your choices as a consumer?

When we sought to have our own transmission mounts produced, we wanted them to be compliant for street use.  We wanted to ensure that there were no compromises in performance, no extras to buy, just a mount engineered to do what we want without needless add-ons.

What we have is a transmission mount based around CNC'd 6061-T6 aluminum with Poly inserts.  This increases rigidity as well as still has a buffer for slightly decreased NVH than full solid mount. There will still be an increase from stock however.

We have designed this mounts to minimize unwanted transmission movement while maintaining vibration dampening characteristics.  To eliminate even MORE movement from the transmission, you must go to the root of the issue, the factory motor mounts.  We are working on a Motor mount solution currently and hope to release soon to accompany our Trans mounts. 

Whats Included

-Trans Mount Set (Two Individual Mounts)

-Stainless Steel Hardware for installation

-Polyurethane 80duro Inserts or Kevlar Infused Polyurethane Inserts (Kevlar infused inserts are overall more durable insert with higher resistance to tearing and Deterioration)

Installation Instructions Here

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