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Twisted Tuning Stealth Ethanol Content Sensor Kit w/Gauge for B58 Gen1/2 and Supra MKV

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Stop Guessing at the Pump and Get your Ethanol Mixes Right!!!

We are proud to present our Stealth ethanol content sensor kit for the 2020 Toyota Supra/Z4 equipped with the B58.  We strive to give you the best possible products on the market for these cars.

Our Kit features an OEM looking installation with our EXCLUSIVE 5/16" and 3/8" fuel line quick connects.  This makes installation a breeze and blends in perfectly with the OEM fuel System No loose or extra unnecessary hoses like other offerings on the market.

Our Kit is Based around the Zeitronix AWARD Winning ECA-2 (CANBUS) ethanol module.  This gives the following capabilities:

 -CAN Bus communication for easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices.

  • -Two 0-5 V analog outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with Dashes, ECUs, data loggers and engine management systems.
  • -Error indication in event of signal absence from Flex Fuel Sensor
  •  -Very flexible CAN Bus setup for easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices.

    Also included is Zeitronix Dual output gauge which displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  Dual E % and Fuel Temperature Gauge in choices of RED digits.
    Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor and connecting harness 8 ft (2.4m) are included.


    -Zeitronix ECA-2 CanBus Unit

    -Zeitronix Dual Output Gauge w/ Red Digits (E-content/Fuel Temp) or Bluetooth Module for Android app, or Both. Make selection above via dropdowns.

    -Twisted Tuning Exclusive 5/16" to 3/8" Fuel Line Quick Connects

    -Authentic and Tested Ethanol Sensor

    -8ft Ethanol Sensor Harness

    -Wire harness for the gauge and ECA-2 module

    All Products Made in the USA.



    PHASE 1: base release allowing visual display of Ethanol content and fuel temperature via low profile mounted gauge and OEM installation quality 

    PHASE 2: all of Phase 1 features plus Factory ECU integration allowing high speed datalogging and monitoring via OBD2 port with ECU data.

    PHASE 3: Phase 1&2 plus full factory ECU flex fuel integration allowing automatic and dynamic tune adjustments of load, boost, fuel and timing without reflashing.  Set it and forget OEM style flex fuel solution.

    Flex fuel Sensor Technical Specification:

    Measuring range: 0…100% Alcohol (ethanol) in fuel mixtures 
    Sensor Accuracy: 5% of the mixture ratio 
    Output characteristic:  Linear, Frequency, Duty Cycle
    Operating temperature: Environment -40°C… +125°C, Fuel -40°C… +90°C 
    Maximum fuel pressure:  10 bar, (145 psi)
    Maximum pressure drop:  0.1 bar, (1.45 psi) 
    Maximum flow:   200 l/h 
    Supply voltage:  6…18 Volts DC
    Sensor Temperature error:  < 1.5% 
    Response time:   < 250 ms after power on at any temperature
    Design:  Suitable for the installation in motor vehicles, independent of position.  Housing is waterproof. 

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